I did this piece for a friend as a gift. I painted over another piece and took advantage of the texture, which is one of my favorite things to do. Used very quick brush work and kept a light and loose approach. I’m happy with the result. I hope she is too…

(R: full-sized painting, L: close up of texture) © art work by marikeeler

© art work by marikeeler

Jazz-minh Moore

© painting by Jazz-minh Moore

There is a great painting show happening at the Lyons Wier Gallery (175 7th Ave (at 20th St.) in Manhattan right now. Artist Jazz-minh Moore has a solo show titled “Slipping Sideways” which will be up through June 20th. Jazz-minh’s paintings are alive, full of energy and emotion. Her technique is beautifully mastered and her colors bring into this dreamy and windy world. I can’t wait to see her work.

Here is an excerpt from the gallery press release:

Ms. Moore’s deftness of hand lends itself seamlessly to her methodology. Utilizing the wood grain as a landscape to influence her compositions, some sections are left unfinished and others are highly rendered. The level of completion is an evolving collaboration between the organic drawing ‘style’ present and the wood panel itself.

© painting by Jazz-minh Moore

© painting by Jazz-minh Moore

Stephen W. Douglas

Once my teacher, always an inspiration. I took Stephen’s class while in school at LCAD and I must say, I painted my favorite painting of all my school years. I haven’t had the patience to paint this way again… but I always think about his technique, palette and overall attitude. What a talent. Check out his very impressing and extensive portfolio

Shadow, 1999. Oil on Linen. © all work by Stephen Douglas

Michael, 2004. Oil on Linen. © all work by Stephen Douglas

My Tree, 2009. Oil on Linen. © all work by Stephen Douglas

Elaine, 2008. Oil on Linen. © all work by Stephen Douglas

P.S. & Marie Krøyer

Peter Severin & Marie Krøyer were Danish painters that I discovered while my visit to the Goteborg Museum in Sweden.

There’s not many of her paintings online, but I really enjoyed her style the most, and both of their brushwork is just divine.

Maria Cristina Romero

Art work by ©Maria Cristina Romero

Its time for a new artist to feature… Maria Cristina Romero is a Venezuelan artist whos paintings have inspired me for years and years.

She is incredible with detail and technique, but lately has been focusing on abstract and texture. She also loves to Sculpt. She has taught me so much about art since little, I owe my passion for it to her. Check out her portfolio and be inspired.

pajarito numero 1

I’m painting againnnnnnnnnnnnn! I’m back painting with oils and it feels amazing. I love it. this has taken too long. I decided to do a series on birds. Cute little furry birds. They are small and fun and quick paintings. Just what I need to get back into it. I hope you enjoy. Here’s the first one.

artwork by ©marikeeler