International Fine Art Competition Exhibit

I attended the opening of International Fine Art Competition Exhibit (hosted by Agora Gallery in Chelsea) back in August and just getting around to writing about it today.. sigh. I do want to bring attention to a couple of artists who stood out to me in this exhibit. First, my friend painter Julio Flores, whom I’ve written about before, was part of the selection, and the reason why I attended the show. Two other artists who caught my attention were Watercolorist/Illustrator Danny Bond and photographer Allen Bryan.

Denny Bond is an incredible craftsman. His rich details, wonderful colors and interesting items come to life in his perfect watercolors. They look like a photograph!

© art work by Denny Bond

Photographer Allen Bryan has some really interesting work. At first it took me a second to realize that these were put together. But I loved how it fooled me. His collage is flawless and evokes a dreamlike and surreal moment in reality. I think his use of photography and montage is well executed. I enjoyed them very much.

© photos by Allen Bryan

ryder e. robison

I had the opportunity to set up a little interview with my friend Ryder who has been rocking the art scene in NY lately. I hope you enjoy some of his thoughts and take a look at his work, which I find dramatic, clever and very interesting.


How long have you been doing art?
– I’ve been drawing and making artwork since I can remember. One of my earliest memories would be of drawing naked woman on the sidewalk in chalk after stealing Playboy magazines. My sister was pretty pissed off about that. I was about 5 years old. I’ve always been making something. I went to two different art schools, one on an illustration scholarship, the other just to figure out what else I could do. And I’m still working on that one. Still trying to see what’s next.

What/who inspires you to create it?
– I find New York very inspiring. Since my first trip here with my old band years ago I found it strangely comforting here. I find a lot of inspiration in the libraries through researching old myths and superstitions about the explanations multiple cultures put behind different things, especially in the natural world. It’s really intriguing how one object can undergo such drastic reasoning of why it exists and how it should be feared or worshipped.

What inspires you in your everyday?
– It almost always changes. But my walk to my studio from my apartment is nice and I’ll listen to music and get very driven. Conversations from the night before. The people I’m surrounded by. Other artists, designers and my fiancé. People may not have to say anything in particular at all, it’s just their energy that can be very telling. The levels of ambition we each have to accomplish something substantial versus being apathetic.

What medium do you consider most exciting or would you LOVE to master?
– I would love to master sculpture. I keep envisioning the paintings I do in three dimensional form and then some form of light splitting them open. I’ve begun work on a few new things and I’m happy with the progress. I like the idea of being able to walk around the entirety of a piece…

what IS art/music to you?
– The same thing it is to you I would imagine: very personal.


find more of ryder’s artwork at

Artist Lynn Greiveldinger

Here’s a good example of a person who inspires and motivates me to draw. Check out Lynn Greiveldinger‘s work and keep an eye out for this young artist.


Born and raised in Luxembourg, Lynn Greiveldinger discovers her love of drawing at a very young age. The tiniest piece of paper becomes a canvas in her eyes and she spends most of her childhood drawing people and animals.
At the age of 19 Lynn moves to Paris in order to study graphic design and illustration which helps her develop the conceptual part of her work. She combines her love of art and traveling and spends 6 months in New York with painter, poster artist and freelance illustrator Tara McPherson.
After graduating in 2007, Lynn has been working on several projects in both the music and the fashion industry, as well as commissioned portraits and her first solo exhibition.
Lynn finds her inspiration in people that she is fascinated by – famous or not – and their feelings. Her work mostly represents individuals out of a specific context, occasionally in the company of an animal or holding an object.
She is currently working on her second solo exhibition which is going to feature drawings and acrylic paintings.

View more of her work on her Myspace Page. A few images on my flickr page as well.