I had the chance to visit Dia:Beacon for the first time this past weekend. A lovely autumn drive 1.5 hours north, lunch with friends, and afternoon viewing art. perfect.

I was really impressed with the museum. The huge warehouse turned art space, filled with contemporary art. I wanted to run around and take a million pictures, but got stopped after my first snap shot. The overwhelming size of the space is enhanced by the sheer amount of natural light that accompanied it, really giving these works of art a gorgeous environment to shine. My highlights, Richard Serra, Michael Heizer and Sol Lewitt. Michael Heizer’s ground sculptures are truly impressive and it made me wonder how I would get out if I fell in…. I wish they had more massive Serra’s to run around in…. Sol Lewitts drawings made me dizzy and felt a headache coming on after a while, but I thought that was a good thing! ha. The amount of detail in these drawings, plus their light and fragile presence is hard to take all at once. Fascinating how it affected my brain! This whole place was pretty awesome. If you ever are visiting NYC, take a short trip up the Hudson on the train (gorgeous ride) and hop off at beacon, NY. They also have an art festivals throughout the year… I have to check those out.

Photo by Neal Boenzi/NYT. Sol Lewitt at his studio in 1961.

Photo of Richard Serra and his work.

Photo of Michael Heizer art work at dia:beacon

My Opening in San Francisco

Opening at Project One

I’ve been working hard for this opening for the past few months. Here are some pics of the big night. I will be updating my website with all the new work very soon.

Show stays up until Saturday Jan 24th. There will be a closing party starting at 8. Come by if you can!

Project One is on 251 Rhode Island St., San Francisco.

99 bucks


hi friends. here’s an interesting idea…help up-coming artists get their name out…and help your apartment with some original artwork. no, not prints…original one-of-a-kind pieces. This NY artist-run website gives 90% of the profit to the artist where most galleries are known to take 50% of the sales. YEA. fifty!! (*sigh*) Original art for 99 is a great way to get started as an artist or buyer. If you are like me and can’t spend millions on a Cezanne, this might be the place for you….surf around and check out some new art.

Robert Rauschenberg

I was walking around 5th ave. and 68th and ran into a gallery which was showing Robert Rauschenberg’s work. I will write soon about the show. But for now you can view most of it on my flickr page. I really enjoyed this find.




I had a chance to go to the ‘banksy nyc’ exhibit at the Vanina Holasek Gallery in new york city. I had no idea he had nothing to do with the show.. but once I walked in, I noticed it was ‘set-up’ kinda cheesy…90% of the work were prints and maybe one or two street pieces (a locker door and sign). There were fake rats all over the place, splattered paint on the walls and caution-tape all over. The pieces were hung crooked and some had ripped bubble wrap around them….the gallery was selling posters, t-shirts and christmas cards (25$)!.
I much rather see banksy, or any graffiti artists, on the street. I know its much harder in the U.S., but I did have the opportunity to see some of his rats in LA a few years back. Having a show where the artist has nothing to do with it, kinda threw me off, specially when they tried so hard to make it look legit. it was weird. I did enjoy seeing things with my own eyes, as I would with anything, but would have rather been at his LA gallery show or stumbled upon it on a walk.

click image above to view my flickr set of the exhibit.