Long Lost Roll

I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 8 years ago and carried 3 cameras in my bag, including my 1978 Hasselblad. Cut to 2015, where I have a fridge full of film that I’ve been ‘working on’ for a few years (I do double exposures and re-shoot rolls at different countries and times of days, see an example here). I had a few 120 rolls of film that I shot recently and took them to get developed. To my surprise, one of the rolls was from my trip to Peru!

I remember taking these pictures, specifically ’cause I had found the courage to ask locals for a photo. I remember being disappointed when I didn’t get these images back when I developed all my film from that trip. Here are a few images from this roll, I’m planning on gathering the full series again and updating my website with them 🙂

cusco_marikeelerPhoto by ©marikeeler

cusco2_MariKeelerPhoto by ©marikeeler

Irina Werning

My friend Ray found Irina Werning on the interwebs and sent me her portfolio. I did little googling and found the video below (In spanish). I really like her work. I love her obsession with photography (I can totally relate), I love all her ‘boyfriends’ and ‘relationships’ (speaking about her cameras)… It makes me smile to know that there is someone out there that has the same love affair with them and film. And her photos you ask? Incredible, whimsical, colorful, smart, and just plain GOOD. Check out her website for a fun visual ride.

All photos by Irina Werning

STORIES: Mi Pelo Largo Querido


After meeting John Schupf, and finding Irina’s work, I feel like I should post a little blurb about all my cameras soon. I collect and use old vintage film cameras… I’m also a little obsessed. In a good way of course. 😀