Sneak Peek!

I have a show this coming July at Mighty Tanaka Studio with 2 talented Photographers (stay tuned for more details!!). I will be showing my latest collection of in-camera multiple exposures shot with 35mm film. I used both my grandfather’s olympus OM-1 and re-shot most of it with my trusty Lomo LC-A. I never use photoshop, what you see is how they look straight from the negative scans. I’m not hating on photoshop, in fact, I use it everyday for work, but with my photography I much rather go as traditional as I can. Its a lot more fun this way.

Below is one of the latest multiple exposures. This particular photo was shot at downtown Barcelona late one night. On this trip I experimented with the Olympus, the Lomo and my ’78 Hasselblad. I’m very much looking forward showing everyone my latest work.


Here are some non-2x exposed shots from my trip.



pots_food_ddpilot©all photos by marikeeler