Long Lost Roll

I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 8 years ago and carried 3 cameras in my bag, including my 1978 Hasselblad. Cut to 2015, where I have a fridge full of film that I’ve been ‘working on’ for a few years (I do double exposures and re-shoot rolls at different countries and times of days, see an example here). I had a few 120 rolls of film that I shot recently and took them to get developed. To my surprise, one of the rolls was from my trip to Peru!

I remember taking these pictures, specifically ’cause I had found the courage to ask locals for a photo. I remember being disappointed when I didn’t get these images back when I developed all my film from that trip. Here are a few images from this roll, I’m planning on gathering the full series again and updating my website with them ūüôā

cusco_marikeelerPhoto by ©marikeeler

cusco2_MariKeelerPhoto by ©marikeeler

found but not forgotten


today I stumbled upon a big bag of my pictures. I found myself going through these photos I’ve taken throughout my 3 years out east. I wanted to share a few with you. All places vary, east coast, west coast, south america. All cameras vary, holga, hasselblad, lc-a. take a look.


most recent

Been shooting with my hassy and holga lots lately. Below is an example of my latest pics. a little taste of what my shows will be about…kinda.

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update: I’ve taken most of my recent work down on my flickr, since I will be showing in San Francisco this January…I’ll repost after the show.