Lin Tianmiao

Current exhibit at the ASIA SOCIETY. Details here.

7 September 2012 – 27 January 2013
725 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Frida Kahlo’s private memories

A stash of about 6,500 photos from Frida’s personal life have become public after years in storage. For this particular exhibit, about 240 of them will be showcased to the public.

Photo with Tina Madotti 1928

Photo by Antonio Kahlo 1946

Photo circa 1930

Photo by Florence Arquin 1938

Photo of Diego Rivera 1940

Credit: Courtesy of Artisphere (via NPR)


I had the chance to visit Dia:Beacon for the first time this past weekend. A lovely autumn drive 1.5 hours north, lunch with friends, and afternoon viewing art. perfect.

I was really impressed with the museum. The huge warehouse turned art space, filled with contemporary art. I wanted to run around and take a million pictures, but got stopped after my first snap shot. The overwhelming size of the space is enhanced by the sheer amount of natural light that accompanied it, really giving these works of art a gorgeous environment to shine. My highlights, Richard Serra, Michael Heizer and Sol Lewitt. Michael Heizer’s ground sculptures are truly impressive and it made me wonder how I would get out if I fell in…. I wish they had more massive Serra’s to run around in…. Sol Lewitts drawings made me dizzy and felt a headache coming on after a while, but I thought that was a good thing! ha. The amount of detail in these drawings, plus their light and fragile presence is hard to take all at once. Fascinating how it affected my brain! This whole place was pretty awesome. If you ever are visiting NYC, take a short trip up the Hudson on the train (gorgeous ride) and hop off at beacon, NY. They also have an art festivals throughout the year… I have to check those out.

Photo by Neal Boenzi/NYT. Sol Lewitt at his studio in 1961.

Photo of Richard Serra and his work.

Photo of Michael Heizer art work at dia:beacon

Dreaming in the Guggenheim

Attended the Animal Collective and Danny Perez music event at The Guggenheim last night… I love how this museum opens its doors for such amazing evenings of people, music and booze. No art on the walls, just amazing shadows from the light show and incredible ambiance from the music. A great night at a great venue.

Took a bunch of photos of the space, check the out on my flickr.

Animal Collective + Danny Perez at the Guggenheim

Animal Collective + Danny Perez at the Guggenheim

Animal Collective + Danny Perez at the Guggenheim

Animal Collective + Danny Perez at the Guggenheim

Tim Burton Retrospective at the MoMA

I attended the Tim Burton exhibit on its opening day on November 22nd. I came home afterward, rented all his movies, and found myself obsessed with his creative world for a few days…. then I slowly was consumed by work and…well, life. Time passed, and the exhibit slipped to the back of my mind….


…until tonight. During a conversation at a friends party, I was reminded about the sheer size of the collection and how incredible it was to see so much of a persons life’s work in front of you. I also remembered reading how the curators had the freedom to pick and choose Tim Burton’s work while going through mounds of drawings, paintings and everything you can imagine. I mean, can you imagine going through all of his (some never-seen) art work??… And, seeing this man’s wild and creative mind unfold before my eyes at the museum was incredibly inspiring.


The exhibit runs from November 22, 2009 – April 26, 2010.

Vivienne Westwood Portrait of Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter.

Dali, Prado and Reina Sofia Museums

The Reina Sofia Museum

I’m BACK. Yessss… and what a trip it was! I have fallen in love with Barcelona. Madrid was not bad either… but I can see myself zooming around the Barcelona streets with my bike after a day at the beach.. mhmm… I did a lot of walking and sightseeing, also visited a few museums… Here’s a link to all the art work and street stuff I could shoot. I really loved the Dali theatre-museum and the Reina Sofia. There was some incredible work I’ve yet seen. I did want to visit local galleries but didn’t have the time in such short notice, plus everyone was closed for vacation, but it’s ok, I will be back… Hope you enjoy the photos.

Madrid Streets

Prado Museum

now I know where my membership money goes….

Aug. 10 (Bloomberg) — Glenn D. Lowry earned $1.32 million in pay and benefits running New York’s Museum of Modern Art in the year ending in June, down from $1.95 million the year before, as the museum cut costs amid the recession. – article

I have to agree with this current director being a good one. The MoMA never disappoints, always has a good rotation of different work, and I has been expanding its arsenal… But I never thought the salaries were so high! Nonetheless, this is a interesting article looking into this part of the artworld I never thought about. Read the article here.

Here’s another one, this one from Ben Davis of, talking about ‘the museum bubble’, pay-cuts, salaries, recession and art.

Richard Serra at MoMA’s garden.

The MET.

The Guggenheim.

Francis Bacon at the MET

The first major exhibition in New York in 20 years devoted to one of the most important painters of the twentieth-century, Francis Bacon: A Centenary Retrospective will feature 130 works (65 paintings and 65 archival items) that span the entirety of the artist’s full and celebrated career.

May 20, 2009–August 16, 2009 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

update (aug.2): I saw the show today….. a must see. Absolutely loved it. My favorite were his portraits from the 1960’s, particularly “Three studies for a portrait of George Dyer” from 1963 (below).

Study for head of George Dyer, 1967.

a MoMA rendezvous

MoMA opened its doors tonight for its members, and I took advantage of it. There are a few new exhibits and lots of new work. I took photos and documented some of my favorites and a few that stood out… all on my flickr under the ‘museum trips’ set (most recent pictures at the bottom). Here are a few highlights…

Oskar Kokoschkadetail of an Oskar Kokoschka painting.

Gustav Klimtdetail of a Gustav Klimt painting.

Vincent van Goghdetail of a Van Gogh painting.