Dr. Oliver Bronson House & Art Exhibit

Today I got to visit the Dr. Oliver Bronson in the city of Hudson. Seldom do they open the doors for the public, so I feel very lucky to have experienced it this weekend. Adding to the treat, the city invited 3 known artists to show within the house’s walls. The artist chose not to be tagged and titled as any other gallery, making each piece blend exquisitely with the historic home.

Valerie Hammond’s pop of color and delicate work felt like a door into a dark and fascinating (sometimes terrifying) world. It really enhanced the surrealness of the environment surrounding it.

Kiki Smith’s drawings where really fragile yet depicted some interesting and complex characters. They where a perfect fit with its harsh yet beautiful home.

Seton Smith’s photographs displayed the hazy beauty of this grand structure. A great compliment to the exhibit.

I was incredibly please and enjoyed every minute of this gem. Thank you Hudson for organizing such a great group of artist, they were made for this historic property.

Built in 1812, the Dr. Oliver Bronson’s was declared a national historical landmark in 2003 and has been going through renovations since. If you want to help and become part of this incredible piece of history’s facelift, you can make a donation to Historic Hudson, Inc. 

Fun Fact: The Oliver-Bronson house was in the 2012 Bourne Legacy film as Shearing’s (Rachel Weisz) home.































Thomas Witte

I met artist Thomas Witte a few weeks ago and really enjoyed his work. Thomas and I have a tentative studio visit where we will discuss his work and I will take some photos of workshop (Stay tuned!). But in the meantime, If you live in NYC or will be in the area in a few weeks, his studio will be open to the public for a walk-through as part of ‘behind-the scenes’ tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard this April 9th. Below are a few examples of his work.

©all work by thomas witte

Amelia Biewald

I’ve been walking by this exhibit for a week or so on my way to work and finally took a few minutes to see it. Amelia Biewald‘s Perfect from now on’ exhibit at the MagnanMetz gallery in Chelsea, includes of a giant chandelier, which captures your attention right away, as well as rotating, life-sized/crystallized animals, intricate drawings and incredibly detailed dioramas.

There’s a thick sense of a dark fairy tale taking place especially with the little worlds inside these beautiful glass bell jars. The huge wall piece, which was inspired by the slow formation of cave structures, shows a meticulous layered process. There is a nice contrast of beauty, time and chaos in this room and I suggest you swing by and check it out. It runs until Dec. 23rd.


I had the chance to visit Dia:Beacon for the first time this past weekend. A lovely autumn drive 1.5 hours north, lunch with friends, and afternoon viewing art. perfect.

I was really impressed with the museum. The huge warehouse turned art space, filled with contemporary art. I wanted to run around and take a million pictures, but got stopped after my first snap shot. The overwhelming size of the space is enhanced by the sheer amount of natural light that accompanied it, really giving these works of art a gorgeous environment to shine. My highlights, Richard Serra, Michael Heizer and Sol Lewitt. Michael Heizer’s ground sculptures are truly impressive and it made me wonder how I would get out if I fell in…. I wish they had more massive Serra’s to run around in…. Sol Lewitts drawings made me dizzy and felt a headache coming on after a while, but I thought that was a good thing! ha. The amount of detail in these drawings, plus their light and fragile presence is hard to take all at once. Fascinating how it affected my brain! This whole place was pretty awesome. If you ever are visiting NYC, take a short trip up the Hudson on the train (gorgeous ride) and hop off at beacon, NY. They also have an art festivals throughout the year… I have to check those out.

Photo by Neal Boenzi/NYT. Sol Lewitt at his studio in 1961.

Photo of Richard Serra and his work.

Photo of Michael Heizer art work at dia:beacon