Figure Drawing Again

I’m so excited to have found a local gallery that provides a figure drawing night for anyone to enjoy. I was transported back to my art school days. It seriously has been 16 years since I’ve drawn a nude model. God I feel old. After a few quick sketches, I felt back into the groove. I was so happy to be there and sketching again. Can’t wait to make this part of my routine.

© Mari Keeler Cornwell

Dr. Oliver Bronson House & Art Exhibit

Today I got to visit the Dr. Oliver Bronson in the city of Hudson. Seldom do they open the doors for the public, so I feel very lucky to have experienced it this weekend. Adding to the treat, the city invited 3 known artists to show within the house’s walls. The artist chose not to be tagged and titled as any other gallery, making each piece blend exquisitely with the historic home.

Valerie Hammond’s pop of color and delicate work felt like a door into a dark and fascinating (sometimes terrifying) world. It really enhanced the surrealness of the environment surrounding it.

Kiki Smith’s drawings where really fragile yet depicted some interesting and complex characters. They where a perfect fit with its harsh yet beautiful home.

Seton Smith’s photographs displayed the hazy beauty of this grand structure. A great compliment to the exhibit.

I was incredibly please and enjoyed every minute of this gem. Thank you Hudson for organizing such a great group of artist, they were made for this historic property.

Built in 1812, the Dr. Oliver Bronson’s was declared a national historical landmark in 2003 and has been going through renovations since. If you want to help and become part of this incredible piece of history’s facelift, you can make a donation to Historic Hudson, Inc. 

Fun Fact: The Oliver-Bronson house was in the 2012 Bourne Legacy film as Shearing’s (Rachel Weisz) home.































for the ladiesss

hello chicas! If you live in NYC or have a girlfriend or two who would be interested in a 4 night event of free booze, goodie bags and shopping, please come to this!!

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Dreaming in the Guggenheim

Attended the Animal Collective and Danny Perez music event at The Guggenheim last night… I love how this museum opens its doors for such amazing evenings of people, music and booze. No art on the walls, just amazing shadows from the light show and incredible ambiance from the music. A great night at a great venue.

Took a bunch of photos of the space, check the out on my flickr.

Animal Collective + Danny Perez at the Guggenheim

Animal Collective + Danny Perez at the Guggenheim

Animal Collective + Danny Perez at the Guggenheim

Animal Collective + Danny Perez at the Guggenheim

Tim Burton Retrospective at the MoMA

I attended the Tim Burton exhibit on its opening day on November 22nd. I came home afterward, rented all his movies, and found myself obsessed with his creative world for a few days…. then I slowly was consumed by work and…well, life. Time passed, and the exhibit slipped to the back of my mind….


…until tonight. During a conversation at a friends party, I was reminded about the sheer size of the collection and how incredible it was to see so much of a persons life’s work in front of you. I also remembered reading how the curators had the freedom to pick and choose Tim Burton’s work while going through mounds of drawings, paintings and everything you can imagine. I mean, can you imagine going through all of his (some never-seen) art work??… And, seeing this man’s wild and creative mind unfold before my eyes at the museum was incredibly inspiring.


The exhibit runs from November 22, 2009 – April 26, 2010.

Vivienne Westwood Portrait of Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter.


just wanted to say that I added a new link to my big list of the right… found a cool site housing a bunch of street art… aaand! and I got a show in San Francisco with my friend katie this JANUARY!!!!!!. ill write back with a date. Hope to see you there. (wait… did I announce this already.. i might have.. aah! its been a crazy week.)

Going to the Os Gemeos show this week! ill let you know all about it.